The Emergence of Integrity

*Disclaimer: The names of companies, persons, and products have been omitted as the purpose of this post is to provide guidance on how to handle similar situations.*


I consider myself a very stand-up woman: I say what I mean and I mean what I say. If you knew my father, you’d probably say that I’m just hardheaded like he was. Tomato, tomato.

A few weeks ago I paid to attend a weekend long event, hosted by a very well-known entrepreneur and life coach. Despite there being information on the internet about this person having some questionable business practices, no new claims had been published in the last few years, so I trusted that all had been resolved. I paid my registration fee in full and couldn’t wait to get more details on the location and itinerary for this event. So I waited…and waited…and waited. In over a 30-day period, there was only one attempt made to share details of this “life-changing” weekend. The closer we got to the event kick-off, the harder it was to make contact with the host. My internal alarm system immediately went off, “Scam!! You just got GOT, Rayna. You paid all this money and there will be no event!” Now, I work 40+ hours a week as a career counselor so all of my money is earned. I give in church, I give to the homeless, but I do NOT give to able-bodied con artists. After asking for a refund and being ignored, I decided to reach out to higher powers. I filed claims with PayPal, Chase Bank,, The Better Business Bureau, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, and the Federal Trade Commission. Excessive? Maybe. But I come from a family of business owners so I don’t take fraud lightly. Plus, as the saying goes, “ain’t nothing slick to a can of oil”. No one will be taking my money while I hide in the corner.

After filing these claims, the host miraculously decided to reach out to attendees to apologize for the miscommunication and to step in personally to take control over this event. I have since learned that after some major changes to the original promise, this event did in fact take place. I didn’t know, because I refused to go.


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Giveaway Winners Announced!


I couldn’t be happier with the two winners of the #SucsassBlogGiveaway; both Brittni & Chas are beyond deserving and I’m so happy to have them as readers. For those of you who entered the contest, but didn’t win: don’t be discouraged. This is the first of many giveaways and they’ll only get better.

Thank all of you for participating and helping me celebrate one year of Sucsass. The best is yet to come!